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As part of a series of public art projects initiated by the City of Vancouver Cultural Services, my proposal titled Vancouver Coastal: a nomad's guide to the floating world has been installed in various transit shelter locations within the city of Vancouver until June 12, 2016


above: transit shelter installation at Renfrew Street north of East 3rd Avenue


Vancouver Coastal: a nomad's guide to the floating world pretends to be a travel guide and a work of speculative storytelling. The image of jetsam washed up on the shore, supplemented by a visual quotation from a classical Japanese woodblock print, references contemporary nomadic life and the historic romanticism associated with it. Recent global events involving industrial and natural disasters, upheaval and migration, extreme weather patterns elsewhere and on our own West Coast shores leave an archaeological array of accidental artefacts washing up on shorelines along the Pacific. The shoreline is a point of transmission of cultures and objects and stories. Regardless of whether these stories are truth, fiction or somewhere in between, they nonetheless allow us to share our experiences.


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