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In June 2014, the BNSC Biennale nationale de sculpture contemporaine will hold its national event with an international component, with the chosen theme of perdrePIED or lostFOOTING. perdrePIED/lostFOOTING, is to lose one's physical support, one's usual perspectives, one's aesthetic values, one's physical anchors, whether in a corporal manner, metaphorical, emotional, mental, or creative.

The central event, bringing together eleven national and international artists, professionals and fresh faces, is presented at six exhibition venues in Trois-Rivières, Quebec. The guest artists are:


Pierre Bruneau, Montréal ..... Cooke-Sasseville, Québec

..... Paul de Guzman, Vancouver ..... Krijn de Koning, Amsterdam

Jannick Deslauriers, Montréal ..... Marla Hlady, Toronto

..... Guillaume Labrie, Montréal ..... Francois Mathieu, Lotbinière

Carolane Saint-Pierre, Trois-Rivières ..... Bathèlèmy Toguo, Paris-Cameroon


Please visit for further information, or you may click on this link for a short preview of the biennale artists produced by La fabrique culturelle