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"Maluwalhati” is a project conceived for the Kamias Triennale organized by Patrick Cruz and Allison Collins in Quezon City, Philippines in June 2017. The postcard in an edition of 500 is a gestural object that is distributed freely, meant to be handed out then greeted with the word “maluwalhati”.


"Maluwalhati" is a faithful reproduction of one side of a postcard that was retrieved from the estate of the artist's mother, Melencia "Mely" de Guzman Sia. The postcard dated May 9, 1977 is a personal document relating to the experience of immigrating to Vancouver, Canada from Manila, Philippines. "Maluwalhati", meaning "safely", is often used in conjunction with traveling safely or wishing someone safe travels and was the only Tagalog word on the postcard that the artist needed help translating. "Maluwalhati" touches upon ...


... issues of migration and what is lost and gained during that process;

... the passage of time and how we need to renew our memories, and ...

... that the more things change, the more they remain the same.


With the ever increasing concern regarding the recent post-judicial "liquidation" of alleged drug dealers in the Philippines and the growing instability with conflicting political systems worldwide, there is all the more reason to watch our step and travel safely. Within the context of the artist's personal journey, "Maluwalhati" marks the 40th anniversary of his family's arrival in Canada.


The English translation reads as follows:


Dear Aunt Nitang and Aunt Chuling,


We arrived in Vancouver safely. The city is very beautiful and the weather is lovely. The people are good and very helpful. Marivic became dizzy due to the twenty hour airplane flight. I will write again.



Ching and Mely 


If you wish to receive a free postcard by mail, please send your name and complete mailing address through the "write me" option available on this website.